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NFC Chip Technology

Smart Clothes

with Near Field


(NFC) Technology

NFC technology connects a physical object to the internet, allowing any item to become a digital portal – enabling you to instantly communicate relevant content to your customer base.

Any item/product (or packaging) with NFC Technology brings your product to life and creates a new way to connect and engage with customers. It enhances your brand value and builds loyalty, letting the T-shirt itself deliver brand content, helpful services and personalised experiences. Its forecasted that by 2021, 20% of all apparel in the developed world will be connected to the cloud.


Once a customer taps the NFC tag with their smartphone, the phone points them to a URL (could be garment care instructions, sustainability/traceability information, promotions, competitions or other brand-directed content).


For example tapping a smartphone on a T-shirt embedded with NFC technology could take you straight to:

  • Your brand’s overall website
  • Your brand’s e-marketing sign-up page
  • Your brand’s social media community pages
  • Your brand’s current digital campaign on social media
  • Your brand’s menus or events pages
  • Your brand’s exclusive music playlist
  • Your brand’s competition entry page

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